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Our Services

We are a full service general contractor specializing in commercial, industrial, and pre-engineered buildings.

Why choose T.D. Goodwin Construction?

The strength of our people distinguishes T.D. Goodwin Construction in this industry. Our hardworking, passionate professionals approach every project with dedication, integrity and an unflinching commitment to our clients’ success. Embracing innovative trends such as lean construction and efficient building, allows us to remain on the cutting edge of our industry.

We have keen eye for quality, detail and value that has forged a rock-solid reputation in the commercial construction industry. This has resulted in steadfast satisfaction for our clients, through the construction of high-quality structures that bring pride and service to local communities across our footprint. We understand there are many choices when it comes to choosing a commercial construction company. Let us at T.D. Goodwin Construction show you how innovation, experience, quality and teamwork can make your project an overwhelming success. We believe in doing it the right way the first time, on time, and within budget every time.

Design-Build Services

Design-Build you might say it’s a simple approach to construction. A team working together from start to finish in open communication and purposeful collaboration to deliver otherwise unachievable results. It’s the notion that when owners sit at the same table with architects, builders, engineers and estimators, great ideas—the best ideas—are born. This is how the way is paved for creative solutions to take hold, resulting in costs minimized, schedules streamlined, and efficiencies are realized.

What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a construction delivery method that provides owners with a single point of contact for both the design and construction phases of a project. One entity holds single-source responsibility and contractual risk for every aspect of a build—from estimation, assessments and pre-construction to architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction and post-construction. This entity, the Design-Builder, manages all contracts with companies, such as subcontractors, equipment vendors and materials providers.

Design-Build Process

Commercial Design-Build—also known as “design-construct” or “single responsibility”, design-build is a system of contracting in which one entity manages both the architecture, engineering and construction under one contract; one single point of contact. In the design-build model, the architect and contractor work together as a team.

The traditional process to building can often leave you to make important decisions on your own. You are responsible for finding an architect to draw your plans and a contractor to build it. Then it’s your job to ensure that they communicate and work together within your budget and vision.

Commercial Design-Build is different—it’s a one-stop-shop for all your design and construction needs.
Construction by T.D. Goodwin Construction Prefers the Commercial Design-Build Process.

What distinguishes the commercial design-build process is the source of responsibility, combining both architect and builder into one entity. This allows the builder to assign actual numbers to the drawings, throughout the design process and provides the owner with a more accurate “picture” of realistic project costs.

One option for a design-build system is to identify a company that offers both architectural and construction services. Another option is to find a company which is willing to work with another company to provide the design-build concept. Regardless, design-build is a very attractive option for the owner as it allows the team to value-engineer the project throughout the design phase. This ultimately saves the owner both time and money.

The Benefits of Our Commercial Design-Build Process:
  • Single source of responsibility eliminates finger-pointing
  • Higher quality end results due to streamlined communication
  • Proven to be most cost-effective way to build
  • Eliminates costly waste of time from duplicate communication between church design and construction
  • Reduced owner administrative burned due to elimination of need for mediation between architect and builder
  • More up-front knowledge of the actual cost of the project for the owner
  • Coordinated review by architect and builder throughout design process minimizes mistakes and subsequent costly change orders
  • Corrections are facilitated by the team maintaining a common level of knowledge and understanding throughout the entire project
  • Overall decreased cost

Pre-Construction Services

Sound planning is the fundamental cornerstone of project success. Preconstruction management ensures that when it is time to start the physical construction phase of your project, every angle has been covered. Hiring a competent, experienced preconstruction management team at the early stages of project design can avoid cost overruns. The absolute necessity of laying a solid foundation is the reason preconstruction management is the most important of all commercial construction services. Our preconstruction management services include:

  • Managing your budget, materials selections, constructability and schedules
  • Before actual construction commences checking as-built conditions, dimensions and conditions of existing surfaces scheduled to be re-used, if there are any
  • Reviewing drawings for the coordination of primary consultants, and performing cost comparisons for alternative materials and methods

A recognized pre-construction management team fosters a stronger, more reliable sense of teamwork based on the respect only a reputable firm is afforded in our competitive industry. Our pre-construction management services focus on:

  • Project budgeting and estimating
  • Pre-ordering of long lead-time items
  • Design review and team meetings
  • Document coordination
  • Constructability review and commentary
  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Construction phasing, sequencing and site logistics
  • Subcontractor preparation and packaging
  • Project scheduling (including preconstruction activities)

Learn how our pre-construction management services
can benefit you, and your project.

Precise Estimates

At T.D. Goodwin Construction we pride ourselves in providing the most thorough and precise estimates possible. We always maintain our high ethical standards while giving our clients the piece of mind they need when selecting the best commercial construction company for their project.

We go through your project at every level using a team approach. During this process our clients can rest assured we will provide a detailed description of every aspect of their project, and they’ll know what to expect before we enter the next phase.

We believe in providing each client with a quality project on time at a fair and competitive price, and we go the extra mile to ensure that this occurs.

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